Unit : Yellow-II


Yellow-2 Unit provides state of the art treatment in the field of Orthopedic surgery more specifically in on complex trauma surgery, Spinal deformity correction and complicated degenerative conditions of Spine. The Unit  is headed by Associate Professor Dr. Mir Hamidur Rahman with a spirited and committed team of Consultants providing  expert surgical care.All the Consultants are highly  motivated and devoted to provide the best possible care as per date.

Our  Consultants are very competent & experienced on managing each patient maintaining a world-class standard. Hence, we try to offer a first-class Orthopedic service to the community by our time trusted team members. We are very much grateful to our dynamic  Director and Great leader of Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society, Professor Dr.Md. Abdul Gani Mollah for his direct supervision, continuous inspiration and enormous logistic support for running the unit very smoothly.



Yellow unit is one of the oldest units of NITOR. It was headed by some renowned orthopaedic surgeons of Bangladesh, including Prof. A.F.M. Ruhul Haque, Honourable  Ex-Minister, Health and Family Welfare, The government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Prof. Abdus Samad Sheikh, Prof. A.K.M. Eshaque, Prof. M.A. Hannan. In August 2002, Prof. R .R Kairy took charge of the Yellow unit.  In 2007, there was a little bit change in unit reformation that caused an increase in number of units I.e previous  9 unist were reformed into 12 units.

Hence Yellow unit was subdivided into Yellow unit I and Yellow-2 unit II. Prof. RR Kairy has been continuing as the Unit chief of both Yellow unit I and II. Later on Professor Dr Golam Farque took over the charge of Yellow unit 2. Professor Dr Abdur Rob was the immediate successor of Professor  Golam Farque upon his retirement.This time the unit is run by Associate Professor Mir Hamidur Rahman after the retirement of Professor Dr. Abdur Rob.


Unit Chief

Dr. Mir Hamidur  Rahman
Dr. Mir Hamidur  Rahman


Team members of Yellow-2:(from left to right) Dr.Saifullah Al Noman(C/A),Dr Rasel Morshed(C/A),Dr O.Z.M Dastagir(Jr. Consultant),Dr.Sharif Ahmed Jonayed(Asst.Professor), Dr.Mir Hamidur Rahman(Professor &Unit Chief),Dr.A.B.M.Ruhul Amin(Associate Professor),Dr.Z ahid Ahmed(Asst.Professor), Dr.Ripon Kumar  Roy(C/A)Dr.Md.Harunur  Rashid(Jr.  Consultant),Dr.Mohammad Badrul Alam(Jr. Consultant)


Our goal is to provide training to our trainee doctors with an international  standard .Moreover ,we always try  to build up a true  Mentorship among our trainees.However ,we always  entertain various academic cases  to admit and to train  for our residents and Junior doctors.


Monthly Statements:
November, 2023


Every week we are operating lots of cases with a wide range of variety .Currently we are performing our  routine Surgery  twice in a week notably on Sunday and Thursday with  an Emergency Surgery facility on Tuesday  as per weekly  Schedule of NITOR.On an average,every week we usually perform 15-20 major trauma and Orthopedic cases in our scheduled operation theater & 30-40 emergency cases in emergency theater. Moreover, we have to do 10-15 cases of contaminated cases in our dirty operation theater.

Our OPD  Clinic  is very busy  .Every Monday, more than 300 patients from different corners of the world usually attend our OPD  with a wide range  of pathology. For our indoor admitted patient, we always try our best to deliver the best  service. We usually visit our indoor patients 3 days a week. During rounds in the wards,we try to discuss the cases among  the team members and try to teach our residents to become more confident   inv dealing with the patients. Apart from this ,we try to do an internal CME among us on every Tuesday to increase our professional efficacy.