Green Unit I


Green unit was one of the oldest unit of this institute. Green is a symbol of life, vibrance and dynamism. Many renowned professors of orthopaedic of orthopaedic surgery was in charge of this unit. In 2006 this Green unit was divided in to two units like Green I & Green II. Since its inaption in 2006 Prof. M.A. Samad was the unit chief till his retirement in 31st December, 2010. After him  Prof. Dr. Shaymal Chandra Debnath took charge and continued as unit chief up to 31st December 2021.
From 1st January 2022 Prof Sarwar Ibne Salam took charge of this unit till now and he is successfully running this unit.

Among the routine operations this unit has special fascination for Paediatric Orthopaedic surgery.


This is a versatile unit where all varieties of orthopaedic surgery are performing specially Paediatric Orthopaedic cases with the help of excellent and dynamic team. This team consists of as follows:


Professor and Unit Chief Prof Dr. Sarwar Ibne Salam
Associate Professor Dr. Syed Golam Samdani
Senior Consultant Dr. Md. Zahir- Ul- Islam
Assistant Professors Dr. Muhammad Anwar Hossen

Dr. Shakawat Hossain

Dr. Reza Hossain Khan

Junior Consultant Dr. Aminul Islam

Dr. Shahnewaj

Dr. Shubha Prasad Das

Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed

Registrar Dr. Rubaiat Tashfin

Dr. Biplab Mozumder

Dr. Md. Mahabubul Hussain

Assistant Registrar Dr. Tapas Mandal

Dr. Mohammad Mahsin

Medical Officer Dr. Mohammad  Mohsin Mia

Dr. Maruf Al Hasan

Dr. Md. Ekram



Emergency Day Wednesday
Outdoor Tuesday
Indoor Round Sunday and Thursday
Special Operations done Paediatric Orthopaedics Operation like AMC, DDH , Perthes, Deformity of Limbs

Monthly Statement:

November, 2023