Upper Limb (1980-2010)

  1. Result of operative management of fracture shaft of both forearm bones in adults. – Dr. Nazirul Islam Talukder (1983)
  2. Treatment of unreduced dislocation (Posterior) of the elbow by open reduction. – Dr. AKM Akhtar Murshed (1984)
  3. Assessment of the result following suture of the peripheral nerves in the upper extremity. – Dr. Amjad Hossain (1986)
  4. The results of treatment of supracondyllar fracture of Humerus in children. – Dr. Sirajuddin Ahmed (1986)
  5. Fracture lower end of Humerus in adults its various management. – Dr. Sajjad Hussain (1986)
  6. Management of olecranon fracture by tension band wiring in adults. – Dr. Sirajul Islam (1987)
  7. Evaluation of the results of operative management of Monteggia fracture in adults at RIHD. – Dr. Mohsinul Hussain Majumder (1987)
  8. Evaluation of conservative and operative treatment in diaphyseal fracture of adult forearm bones . – Dr. Ashok R. Bajacharya (1987)
  9. Evaluation of the results of Brestlow procedure for recent anterior dislocation of the shoulder. – Dr. Ferdous Hussain Serajee (1988)
  10. Results of free tendon graft in flexior tendon injury of the digit of hand – Dr. Aziz Rahim (1988)
  11. Evaluation of the results of treatment of fracture lateral humeral condyle by open reduction and internal fixation. – Dr. AKM Eshaque
  12. Results of the treatment of unreduced posterior dislocation of elbow joint by open method in children. – Dr. Tarikul Alam Chow. (1989)
  13. Results of closed reduction in case of lower radial epiphyseal separation. – Dr. Shiva Prasad Adhikari (1989)
  14. Evaluation of the results of corrective osteotomy of cubitus varus deformity following supracondylar fracture of the humerus by French technique. – Dr. Ibrahim Khalil (1989)
  15. Evaluation of the results of operative management of Galeazzi fracture dislocation in adults. – Dr. Kazi Md. Salim (1990)
  16. Evaluation of the results of tendon transfer in radial nerve palsy. – Dr. Probir Kumar Bhowmik (1990)
  17. Evaluation of the results of early and late open reduction and internal fixation of fracture lateral condyle of humerus in children. – Dr. Md. Shamsuzzaman (1993)
  18. A Comparative study of percutenous pinning versus plaster splinting in treatment of displaced superacondylar fracture of the humerus in children. – Dr. Shayamad Chandra Debnath (1997)
  19. Comparative study of treatment of unstable shaft fractures of phalanges of the hand. – Dr. Shahidul Islam (1997)
  20. Evaluation of open reduction of old dislocation of elbow through bilateral approach. – Dr. Shahidul Islam (1997)
  21. Analysis of results of unstable distal radial fractures treated by external fixator. – Dr. Kamrul Ahsan (1998)
  22. Management of Galeazzi fracture by small dynamic compression plate in adults. – Dr. Rajendra Sanjel Chetri (2000)
  23. A prospective randomized trial of external fixation (Distraction ligamento taxix) and plaster cast immobilization in the treatment of unstable distal radial fractures. – Dr. Md. Golam Mostafa (2001)
  24. Management of gustily type II and III fore arm bones fracture by local external fixator. – Dr. Kazi Moinur Rahman (2001)
  25. Management of early supra condylar fracture of the humerus in children treated by ORIF by K wire. – Dr. Golam Sarwar (2001)
  26. Results of proximal humral fracture fixation by Eshaque’s modified plate – Dr. Monaium Hossain (2001).
  27. Evaluation of the results of one stage tendon reconstruction in old flexor tendon injury of hand at zone II – Dr. Debashis (2002)
  28. Resurfacing of hand injury with groin flap- an analysis of thirty four cases. – Dr. Jagodish Chandra Ghose (2002)
  29. Management of early supracondyllar fracture of the humerus in children treated by ORIF by K-wire. – Dr. Golam Sorwar (2002)
  30. Evaluation of the result of ORIF of T-Y inter condylar fracture of distal humerus in adult by muller transolecranon extra articular oblique osteotomy approach. – Dr. Golam Faruque (2003)
  31. Closed reduction followed by percutaneous K – wire fixation combined with plaster cast verous conventional plaster cast immobilization in the treatment of colle’s fracture. – Dr. Kazi Shamim Uzzaman. (2005)
  32. A comparative study between double tension brand wiring and reconstruction plate and screws for the treatment of displaced bicondylar intra articular fracture of the distal humerus. – Dr. Iqbal Hossain Chowdhury (2005)
  33. Evaluation of the fixation of comminuted distal humeral shaft fracture by narrow DCP & Screws. – Dr. Enamul Hoque (2005)
  34. Evaluation of results of FCR transfer in radial nerve palsy. – Dr. Khandker Md Nurul Arifeen (2006)
  35. A comparative study of olecranon fixation by tension band wiring and intramedullary screw with figure of eight wire. – Dr. Sarwar Ibne Salam (2006)
  36. Evaluation of results fixation of volar Burton’s fracture by buttress plate. – Dr. Pervez Ahsan (2006)
  37. Treatment of nonunion of humeral shaft fracture by antigrade intramedullary interlocking nailing with autogenous cancellous bone grafting. – Dr. Padam Bahadur Khadka
  38. Evaluation of treatment of unstable distal radial fractures by external fixator. – Dr. S.M. Rokonuzzaman (2006)
  39. Distal third diaphyseal fracture of humerus fixed with DCP using posterior approach the assessment of the outcome. – Dr. Sayed Zakir Hossain (2006)
  40. Internal fixation of Monteggia fracture dislocation by small DCP. – Dr. Noor Mohammad (2006)
  41. Evaluation of results of fixation of unstable distal radial fractures by volar locking plating system. – Dr. Md. Maiyeen Uddin (2008)
  42. Evaluation of results of fixation of nonunion of fracture shaft of humeras by locking plate and screws, augmented with autogenous cancellous bone graft. – Dr. Apel Chandra Shaha (2008)
  43. A comparative study between early and late ORIF by cressed K-wire for the treatment S/C fracture of humerus in children ( less than 12 years). – Dr. Mohammed Awlad Hussain (2008)
  44. Evaluation of treatment of T-y condular fracture of lower end of humerus in adult by reconstruction plate. – Dr. Dulal Chandra Datta (2010)
  45. Evaluation of the results internal fixation of diaphyseal fracture of radius and ulna by locking plate. – Dr. Nitya Ranjan Roy (2010)
  46. Results of surgical management of proximal humeral fractures by PHILOS plate. – Dr. Raquib Md. Manzur (2010)
  47. Functional outcome in patients with delayed repair of zone v flexor tendon injury. – Dr. Syed Shamsul Arefin (2010)