Radiology & Imaging


Radiology and imaging  is the most dynamic medical sub-specialty where all branches of medical science merge with imaging technology. It deals with acquisition, viewing & interpretation of images for diagnosis of diseases. It also provides image guided minimally invasive therapeutic & diagnostic procedure. Hence it has become an integral part of modern health care facility.

Radiology & Imaging department of NITOR is an important and essential department for patient care, academic & research activities. We offer diagnostic radiology & interventional services to patient & medical education& training to medical technologists.


  1. To provide high quality radiological services to all sorts of traumatic & orthopedic patients of this institution.
  2. To serve radiological services to non-orthopedic cases with all possible modalities.

Location & physical structure:

It is a large &very busy department.It is extended in 4locations of this hospital. Emergency and OPD in old building and OPD & Indoor in new building(extended 1000 bedded hospital project).  It is open round the clock throughout the year. There are 10 X-Ray rooms, 2 USG rooms, 2 MRI rooms& 2 CT rooms.

We have one well equipped reportingroom  with digital view box  , CT & MRI console .

Our hospital is recently  equipped with a modern healthcare technology like PACS (Picture archiving and communication system ) which will be helpful for economic storage and convenient transmission of images to different department and to develop an archive for doctors and students.

There is also a class room in our department..


Medical Technologists of Radiology & Imaging Dept.

Medical Technologists